10 Things Every Traveller Should Know About Switzerland

Remember what Michele Bachmann said? “It is tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland.” Truly, Switzerland is an amazing place that rules all our minds whether or not we visited. It is a place of fun, peace, love and life.


Here Are The 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Switzerland :


1. Democratic Country :

The country is divided into 26 different areas with the official system of governance as parliamentary democracy. Each division is called a canton. All these cantons has strong autonomy in their respective places and have the right to make decision. This is how every individual has the right to influence the government.


2. Most Punctual Country :

Once you meet a swiss man or woman you will know what a swiss punctuality is. Switzerland is rightfully known throughout the world as the most punctual country where people value time very strictly. Starting from government to every citizen, all are very punctual and are always efficient in punctuality. So make sure that even you grab this concept of punctuality. They really honour people who value time. So if you do not want to upset your host or ruin your reputation always arrive on time and do not miss your trains or other vehicles.


3. Swiss Franc :

On swiss soil you will be dealing in Swiss Franc and not Euro. But many prices are also labeled as Euro.
There are certain shops and places where they accept Euro. It is advisable to carry Swiss Franc and most of the time you will receive Swiss Franc as change. You can easily exchange your money in Swiss banks.

4. Pricey Region :

The world knows that it is a very expensive place to visit. Be it your breakfast, lunch or a cup of coffee, everything is pricey. You will be surprised to know that a movie ticket or a public transport can be so expensive. But the quality of service makes up for everything. In the end you will not regret to have spend money. One of the best part is visitors can shop with no tax at all. Tax-free shopping is a great advantage for tourists. You can buy varieties of souvenirs such as woodcarvings, pocket knives, and other interesting items and they can be shipped easily.

5. National Languages :

It is a country that has four different national languages and many dialects in different regions. The national languages are Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch.

6. Train To Everywhere :

The train lines run almost everywhere in the country. Thus it is the most easily accessible transport throughout the country. The train track is 5600 km and is very well connected to most of the parts of the place.

The Bernina Express and Glacier Express are the two renowned rail companies that transports people in regular intervals. Other than these two there are 150+ transport companies. But do not think that you are going to miss all the necessary luxuries and amenities if you are not in the first class. The second class is really impressive. But make sure that you leave and hop in promptly as Swiss trains are very punctual and do not delay. They do not stay longer in a station.

7. Sustainability :

The Swiss people are very particular about environment and keeping the surrounding clean. They have serious measurement to maintain a sustainable environment. Thus they respect recycling and also expect the visitors to maintain that. Make use of the trash can before throwing any junk. Also read if the trash can is for biodegradable or non-biodegradable substances. It is a funny thing in Switzerland that trained horses are used to do tasks like garbage and paper collection.

8. Alpine Pastures and Dairy :

The alpine pastures are excellent for the dairy industry and this is the reason why Switzerland is capable to produce great milk, cheese and chocolates that are popular worldwide. The alpine climate is very suitable for pasteurisation of cattle. The Swiss milk is traditionally very rich and creamy than normal dairy milks. Make it a point to visit the dairy farm and see how things run. You can also buy tax-free cheese and chocolates to take it back home with you.

9. Good Tap Water :

You will find that many places in Switzerland have better quality of tap water than packaged drinking water. The groundwater is mostly used for drinking purpose. The quality of tap water is always measured. So you will never get a bad stomach if you drink the local tap water.

10. Small Jewel :

Switzerland is a small country though it has much to offer a visitor. It has a population of about 8.1 million and the entire region is almost like the greater Shanghai. The famous places are Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Basel. Yet you can never get enough of this wonderful country.

From honeymoon to family getaway, Switzerland is an excellent choice if you want to experience beautiful mountainous region, lakes and meadows. You will surely get awestruck if you visit once.

Here were 10 things before you plan your trip to Switzerland, hope this article helps.



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