10 Things Every Traveller Should Know About Brazil


For some people traveling across the world is like a dream come true. Once in a year go to some unique and solitary place where you can feel yourself. Travel to such a place which is full of life and where you can live the life to its fullest. Brazil is such a destination where people know how to enjoy their life. The Land of the holy cross, Brazil is among those countries which is the most lively one.

Here are 10 things you need to know before you travel to Brazil :

1. World’s Best Coffee :

Good news for all the coffee lovers. You may get excited  after knowing that Brazil is the world’s  top coffee producing country. In Brazil every house has some sort of thermal filled with coffee on the kitchen table. The best coffee in the world is said to come from Brazil.

2. They Don’t Speak Spanish :

Many people in the world assume that Brazilians may speak  Spanish but most often language they use is Portuguese. It is because  Brazil  basically  was  colonized by Portugal. In fact Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese.

3. Best Time To travel :

If you are planning to visit Brazil then December to February are not your months. . In these months, hotels, beaches and transport tend to be very crowded. Best time to travel is  from April to June, and August to October. Climate is very pleasing and appealing during these months.

4. Pay Before You Order :

Most  of fast-food and natural juice stores in Brazil have a basic rule to pay the bill before your order is placed.  After paying  for your order, you will get a receipt. The recept  is  shown at the counter where the food is delivered to the clients once paid.

5. Holding Bags On Buses :

Bonde de Santa Teresa
If you are using buses as a source to explore and discover the city and then luckily you are sitting on a bus seat then my dear chum be ready to hold the bags of someone who has not got seat to sit.  Basically he or she will be  trying  to keep the balance on the bumpy roads.

6. You Need A Month, At Least :

Brazil is very huge country. It is so massive that you may require more than one month to explore it. It is better to make sure that you have sufficient amount of money in your bank account so that you can easily discover the city from one place to another. Also, be prepared for cooler climates in the southwest and a lot of humidity in the north.

7. Natives Are Talkative :

Don’t be shocked if you find that Brazilian people are the most talkative ones . Infact they are the loudest people. They  sound  like they are having a full on argument.  But they are also very generous and loving.  

8. Not That Cheap :

Brazil is not so cheap . A bed in an average hostel could cost you around $12 – $15 per night . Moreover if you are thinking for shopping then do remember that  supermarkets work out to be almost as expensive as the one’s in Australia or the UK. Even the Local bus fares are around $1.50 .

9. Service Charges :

In many countries tipping amount is optional but in Brazil 10% service charge is normally included in the restaurant bill. But if you are not satisfied with the service you can choose not to pay this additional service charge.

10. Gringo :

While travelling in Brazil the most common word that you will hear will be “Gringo” or “Gringa” for females which actually translates to ‘tourist‘. If anyone calls you by this name don’t feel offended , it’s nothing personal.

Brazil is one of the most ravishing country.  People there are very friendly and humble.

You will find greenery here, there and everywhere. Brazil is home to some of the best beaches in the world. But before traveling to Brazil do remember to read these 10 points to make you travel smoother.







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