10 Philippines Travel Tips You Must Know

Think about serene, clear blue lagoons surrounded by lush greenery.Philippines is one such destination where you can easily stay relaxing for the whole day without getting bored. You must read these Philippines Travel Tips before you plan your trip.

There are some places on earth where you can visit several times, yet every time feels like new, Philippines is one of them.

Here Are The 10 Philippines Travel Tips You Must Know :

1. Be Well Informed About Danger :

One of the most important aspects of this region is to get aware of the fact that some parts of Philippines are dangerous and can bring risk to your journey. Well, nothing to get scared as tourists mostly flock on the mainstream spots. And it is advisable that you do to owing to the current terrorist activity in the country. It does not mean that Philippines unsafe, it just means you need to be safe and avoid few regions such as the southern portion. Make sure you decide and plan your itinerary accordingly.

2. Language Spoken :

It is always a better idea to learn a few local words of the place you are visiting, but in Philippines you can easily talk in English. It is a widely spoken language. Most of the local shop owners can speak English and understand too well. Also the local language is influenced by the Spanish culture that ruled there for over 377 years. It is the fifth largest English speaking country.

3. Ride And See :

The local transports are the best way to explore the country. Taxis, tricycles, brightly-coloured buses named ‘Jeepneys’, and multicabs are widely available. The tricycle is the most common way to get around. It is cheap and will take you to any streets. A road trip by tricycle is full of fun.

4. Philippines Travel Tips For Security :

From local police to military men, you will find plenty of security details in the country. Even outside hotels, cafes and shops police hang around. But there is nothing to feel nervous, because they are actually very helpful people. If you are lost or need to know anything always rely on them.

5. Amazing Filipinos :

The local people in Philippines are polite and very lovely. They are a bit shy initially, but they will help you out if you need. All you gotta do is ask them politely. When you are shopping you will actually see how polite and good-natured people the Filipinos are. They will never insist you to make a purchase or shout and call after you. Even in the local streets people are friendly and welcoming. They meet you with a polite sweet smile. And a big side of their behaviour is that they are patient. They will not get frustrated even if you change your order of meal 10 times.

6. Tropical Heat :

Now we all know that Philippines is all about sea and sunny weather, so before you go a little preparation is necessary. Always pack a good sunscreen, carry hats and make sure you have water bottle with you. You can also bring a sun towel to escape from the immense heat.

7. Five Meals Per Day :

Filipinos have 5  meals a day with three big ones such as breakfast, lunch and dinner and two smaller snacks. Food is absolutely essential for the people over there. They love eating and you will get some amazing mouth watering food stuffs to relish. The Filipino dishes are influenced by the Spanish culture, Indian, Malaysian and American styles too. Rice is eaten widely. Beef, chicken and fishes are eaten at main courses.

8. Different Provinces :

There are over 80 different provinces and each region has its own features. Do not assume that they are exactly alike since all are islands. From dialects, culture to food many things differ among these provinces. So if you plan to stay for a longer time in Philippines then learn the different ways of these regions. You will understand how one province is different in terms of religion and tradition.

9. Carry Cash :

If you expect to pay everything in your plastic cards then you should think again. Philippines is not the right place where you can carry your credit or debit cards easily. Most of the shop owners and other places accept only cash payments. Few hotels and high-end restaurants accept cards. But if you want to explore and see around cash is necessary to carry beforehand. Even ATMs are less in number.

10. Philippines Travel Tips Regarding Bathrooms :

The public bathrooms in Philippines do not have toilet papers, well most of them. So it is necessary that you keep tissue/toilet papers with you. Buy them from shop and carry them before you use a public bathroom.

Sun-kissed sea beaches and the tranquil ocean water will take you to a dreamland if you plan to visit Philippines. It is undoubtedly one of the best sea side regions in the world where one can shop, eat and have fun without burning a hole in their pocket.

Here were 10 Philippines Travel Tips you need to keep in mind before you travel to Philippines, do plan accordingly.


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