10 Pushkar Travel Tips You Must Know

According to the Puranas, Brahma is the creator of life as we know it. The only place that he is worshiped on this earth is Pushkar. If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan then you must travel to Pushkar as well and you must know some Pushkar Travel Tips .

Pushkar is one of the safest and the most tourist friendly cities in India.

Here Are 10 Pushkar Travel Tips You Must Know :

1. Pushkar Travel Tips On Transportation :

Train :

If you wish to travel to Pushkar by train you need to first get to Ajmer, a city 14 km from Pushkar. There are many trains that run from New Delhi To Ajmer but the best is the Ajmer Shatabdi.

  • The Ajmer Shatabdi runs everyday from New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) at 6:00 A.M and reaches Ajmer (AII) by 12:45 P.M., the cost of a single seat in the chair car class (CC) varies from Rs. 795 to Rs. 1100. 
  • It also has meal on board which is included in your ticket.
  • Even people from outside India can book train tickets through IRCTC Website.
  • And from Ajmer you can take a public bus to Pushkar or you can take a private taxi which will cost you around Rs 500 to Rs 1000.

Flight :

The nearest airport to Pushkar is Jaipur International Airport which is about 153 Kms from Pushkar.

  • A flight ticket from New Delhi To Jaipur in economy costs from Rs 1500 to Rs 4500 and takes about 50 minutes to get to Jaipur.
  • Then you can hire a private taxi that would charge around Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 and will take around 3 hours to get to Pushkar from Jaipur International Airport.

Bus :

There is plenty of bus service from New Delhi to Ajmer. You can opt for Rajasthan Government buses (cheapest and least comfortable) or can opt for a Volvo from private owners which will cost somewhere around Rs 600 to Rs 1100. These buses mostly run in the night so do plan accordingly.

2. Pushkar Travel Tips On Accommodation :

Luxury :

When it comes to luxury stays Rajasthan is on the top of the list and Pushkar is not left behind in this case. You can have a luxury experience here and that to a lesser price as compared to other cities in Rajasthan.

A luxury room would cost you from Rs 4,500 to Rs 9,000 with free breakfast. But do keep in mind that the location of your resort should be near to the lake.

I would recommend these two resorts :

  1. The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa : Rs 6750 per night for 2 people ( Breakfast Included ) (6  Kms from city centre)
  2. Ananta Spa & Resorts : Rs 6500 per night for 2 people (2.8 Kms from city centre)

Budget :

There are so many budget accommodation options available in Pushkar. You can get a bunk bed in mix dorm in about Rs 400 to Rs 600. And a private double room in Rs 1000 to Rs 1500.

The place I would recommend is Moustache Pushkar which is located on the main market road just near the Pushkar Lake.

Please note that prices will definitely go upto 2 times the normal price at the time of Pushkar Fair.

3. Pushkar Travel Tips On What To Eat :

North Indian food is a delicacy when it comes to the flavour of Indian spices. But Pushkar here is a totally different story, here is an amalgamation of flavours from all over the world. You will get Lebanese, Israeli, Chinese,German and Italian Food options while you roam around the Pushkar market.

Here are a few things you must try in Pushkar

  1. Falafels :  At Pawan Restaurant Main Market Road
  2. Bruschetta : At Out of The Blue Restaurant, Main Market Road
  3. Aam Kalakand (Mango Milk Cake) (Seasonal): Halwai Gali, Near Gau Ghat
  4. Rabri Mal Pua (Sweet) : Halwai Gali, Near Gau Ghat
  5. German Cakes & Breads : German Bakery, Main Market

4. Pushkar Lake :

According to Hindu Manuscript Padha Purana, a Raakshasa (Monster) named Vajra Naash was creating havoc on earth, so Brahma killed the Raakshasa and during that battle three lotus flowers fell on earth and three lakes were created. Hence the name Pushkar (Pushpa meaning Flower and Kar meaning Hand). There are around 52 Ghats around the lake where you can sit and offer prayers to Lord Brahma. And Hindus can perform ancestral rituals as well as put ashes of their loved ones after they die.

5. The Brahma Temple :

What the Lore Says :

After the formation of Lake Pushkar, Brahma decided to perform a Yagya (hindu ritual) for the betterment of humanity. In this ritual it is mandatory to have your wife be a participant but due to some unknown reasons Savitri who is actually the Brahma’s wife was not present. In order to perform the Yagya on the auspicious moment Brahma married to a girl named Gayatri.

After some time Savitri arrived on the scene of the Yagya, seeing his husband performing rituals with some other women she cursed Brahma. The curse as mentioned in the Padha Purana states that despite being a God himself Brahma won’t be worshiped on this earth.

After some time when her rage subsided, she told Brahma that only in Pushkar you will be worshiped and no where else. If anyone tries to build a temple in your name anywhere other than Pushkar, he or she will be obliterated. Hence the formation of the Brahma Temple.

Important SideNote :

You cannot take cameras and other electronics in the temple. You have to deposit it in the locker outside along with your slippers as is the tradition in all the Hindu temples to enter bare foot. If you have any valuable with you and you are not comfortable in leaving it in the locker then please secure your valuables in your hotel before planning to visit the historic Brahma Temple.

6. Mata Savitri Temple :

Mata Savitri Temple is situated 5 Kms outside Pushkar and you have to hike up the mountain in order to get there. The hike is about 45 – 70 minutes containing steps made of mountain rocks.

If you wish to see Pushkar at its best, then the view here is unmatched to any. Hike up around 4:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M., pay your respects to mata Savitri and sit outside to view the amazing Pushkar city followed by the most amazing sunset this city can offer.

7. Old Rang Ji Temple :

This temple is dedicated to Lord Rang ji who was believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple was built by Seth Puran Man Ganeriwal of Hyderabad in 1823.

The architecture of the temple is an amalgamation of the South Indian (Dravid) style, the Rajputana style and the Mughal style which was prominent in India at that period of time.

You must not miss the evening Aarti here, it is something that will leave you dazzled and will stay with you forever .

8. Pushkar Travel Tips On Pushkar Fair :

Pushkar is most famous for its fair, that is held in the Hindu month of Kartik between October and November. It takes place after 10 days of Diwali, the Hindu festival of Lights. The 5-10 days long fair is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima.

People come here to trade cattle including Camels, Horses, Cows , Goats, Sheeps etc. These animals are decorated by their owners.

Its the largest Camel Fair in the world.

Tourists are encouraged to be part of games that are held in the Mela Ground. You can see Indians and foreigners dancing on the beats of Rajasthani folk songs.

Local acrobats are found all over the fair along with horses and camels dancing on the beats of their owners.

The dates for Pushkar festival in 2018 are Thursday 15 November to Friday 23 November.

9.Pushkar Travel Tips On Camel Safari :

When  you travel to Pushkar you must try to go on a Camel Safari, you can ask your hotel staff to arrange it for you. You can take the safari in the evening and roam in the  outskirts of Pushkar in the Sand Dunes giving you the perfect feel of desert.

Do tip the camel rider if you can, this is all that supports their family.

The ride will cost you around Rs 500 and takes around one hour depending upon the location of your hotel.

10. What Else In Pushkar :

  1. Rose water and Gulkand : Rose is grown in and around Pushkar. So you can purchase rose water which is very good for eyes and face. And also you can try Gulkand, a sweet prepared by baking rose petals and sugar outside in the sun. Gulkand is a very good remedy to Mouth Ulcers and indigestion.
  2. Khus Products : You could buy Khus scents that are purely natural and completely chemical free. These scents will leave a soothing smell all day long. And also you can buy Khus syrup that has many health benefits.
  3. Handicrafts : You will find a variety of handicrafts in the main market area, these handicrafts are very good souvenirs. Do bargain if our are buying from the big shops, this is how it works in India.
  4. Holi At Pushkar : Pushkar is one of the best places to celebrate the Hindu festival of colours, Holi. Pushkar is a flood of colours and people playing music in the streets. Both Indians and foreigners dance on this day thus celebrating this temple with utmost humanity.
  5. Yoga Camps : There are many options if you wish to learn Yoga in Pushkar, if you wish to stay in Pushkar for about a month i would recommend you to join a Yoga course . This will help you to channelise your inner energy and will lead to heath and peace.
  6. Read Books : There are book stalls that sell used books for Rs 100 and when are finished reading the booking you can return it and get Rs 50 back. So it is a treat for those book worms who visit this holy city.
  7. According to Hindu Mythology after performing the Chaar Dhaam Yatra (4 Place Pilgrimage) one must come to Pushkar as an ending to their journey to enlightenment. Even Lord Rama came here after death of his Father.

You will definitely feel the positive vibe when you are strolling around the lake or even just in the street of this holy city. Pushkar is something that you can’t just forget and you will always want to come back to this place.

So here were 10 Pushkar Travel Tips you must know before you plan your trip.

Hope this article helped you in planning your trip.

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