10 Facts About Strawberry You Did Not Know

Red, juicy and delicious strawberries are among the most popular fruits in the world. They are mostly characterised as a decorative fruit. And the attractive looks make them even more famous. But there are many facts to know on strawberry.

Here Are 10 Things You Did Not Know About Strawberry :

1. Strawberry Has External Seeds :

There are about 200 seeds in a strawberry which the fruit bears from outside. This is the exceptional feature of strawberries comparing to the other fruits in the berry family. Unlike blueberry, blackberry etc. strawberry has seeds on the outer part of the fruit. It is also characterised as a false fruit since the fleshy part we eat is actually the stem of the plant.

2. Requires Proper Washing :

Always wash your strawberries, even if they are freshly brought from the market. Strawberry farms and local market places might have pollutants that can affect your health adversely. So washing is absolutely necessary. But do not keep your strawberries after washing as that can degrade the nutritional value of the fruit.

3. Some Interesting Facts About Strawberry :

  • Prior to the modern variety that we get nowadays in the market there were only wild berries. Later Britain and France were the first to cultivate strawberries. And USA is much new to the business.
  • Earlier Romans loved strawberries and they believed that strawberries can cure diseases like depression, fever, liver problems, bad breath and many others.
  • You will be surprised to know that strawberries have aphrodisiac properties and is said to be linked with love.
  • In France it is tradition that a newly married couple is served a soup made with strawberry, powdered sugar, borage and sour cream.
  • Also according to a legend if you share a double strawberry by cutting into half with a person of opposite gender then you might fall in love with that person.

4. Colourful Beauty :

Ever heard of purple strawberry? Yes, now you can eat purple strawberries too. And not just purple, you can get pink, blue, black and green strawberries. Of course they are all genetically modified. They look lovely when you top them on desserts. You can even get apple sized strawberries, but they are grown in few places.

5. Mostly Produced In USA :

USA is the leading producer of strawberries in the world and next comes; though still far is Turkey. Spain and Egypt is also growing strawberries. Each different region has its own variety and the taste of the fruits differ also. Although the largest strawberry ever recorded was grown in Japan. It was 250gms! California in USA produces huge amount of strawberries each year. It might leave you awestruck if you see how wide the cultivable land is in California.

6. The Strawberry Museum :

Musee de la Fraise is a strawberry museum in Belgium that displays wide collection of the fruit including strawberry beer. The climate in the Wepion region is perfect for strawberry cultivation. It is also known as the strawberry capital of Belgium.

7. Rose and Strawberry :

Strawberries are actually from rose family Rosaceae. They fall under the category of Rosoideae. The name of the fruit came from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘streoberie’ and later changed into strawberry. Still there are many theories about the origin of strawberries.

8. Strawberries Are Rich In Healthy Antioxidants :

Anthrocyanin is present in strawberries which protects our cells from getting damaged by pollution and also saves us from the harmful effects of the sun rays. If you consume strawberries regularly then you will not run into the risk of diseases. It protects our body from free radicals. Also the vitamin c presence makes the fruit more nutritious as this vitamin reduces stress, blood sugar levels and acts as a shield against viral infection. The vitamin c content is more than orange and they are a great choice for treating cataract and other eye problems.

9. Strawberries Are Good For Heart :

Healthy heart gives longevity and consumption of strawberries reduces the risk of cardiovascular issues. Recent researches revealed that strawberries are very effective in suppressing inflammatory responses of our body thus reducing the LDL Cholesterol. So try to add strawberries in your diet and live a healthy life.

10. Strawberries Help In Improving Digestion :

Being a very rich source of fibre strawberries helps in proper digestion of our body by moving food particles in our digestive system. It keeps our bowel movement problem free. It is also excellent for reducing body weight and maintain a proper figure. Strawberries work wonders for abdominal fat. So next time you opt for fruit salad get a bunch of strawberries. But a word of caution, strawberries can be bad for people who are hyperallergic. It may cause serious allergy for some people.

Now that you have gained so much secret facts on strawberries, why not try some? Let the attractive looking and yummy fruits relish your tongue. Be it your smoothies, salad or just a bite straight away, strawberries have lots of benefits to offer. No wonder it is truly a pleasure to indulge in a bowl of sliced strawberries.

So here were 10 things about strawberry that you probably did not know. Hope this article helped.



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