10 Pondicherry Travel Tips You Must Know

A quaint little town on the south-western coast of India, the union territory of Pondicherry is bound to make you feel calm and blissful with the pastel coloured buildings adorned by bougainvillea along the many Rues (French for Road) of the White town. You should go through some Pondicherry Travel Tips before planning.

Here Are 10 Pondicherry Travel Tips You Must Know:

1. Pondicherry Travel Tips On Transportation :

The Bus Transport system is really good down south, with AC Low floor buses running almost every hour from Chennai to Pondicherry, provided you know which particular bus stop to go to. Usually you get seats on the spot, so avoid booking online and paying on-site. Just check the timings and the stop on the internet.

2. The White Town :

The picturesque Pondicherry with those bright houses lined along the streets, is only a small portion of the city called The White Town and within that White town, a very small portion is what is known as the French quarters, seamlessly blending with the Tamil and Muslim quarters. So see the map beforehand if you are planning to stay near the French quarters.

3. Pondicherry Travel Tips On Clothing :

Pondicherry is very hot and humid for most part of the year except during monsoons and winters. Also, most of the budget hotel rooms as well as cafes do not not have ACs. So its best to wear cotton clothes while you are here.

4. Hire A Bike :

There’s no better way to explore Pondicherry than on a bike, steering along the perpendicular lanes, especially in the morning hours, along the Promenade when the roads are clear. PS: The Promenade is vehicle-free between 6-8 p.m. So make sure you leave your vehicle at the hotel since there isn’t any parking space available there.

5. Wake Up Early :

Unlike the western coast of India known for its spectacular sunset views, Pondy beaches are known for sunrise vistas. So get up at the crack of dawn, and explore the streets as well as the beach.

6. Pondicherry Travel Tips On Food :

Be ready to embrace French culture in Pondicherry especially the cuisine. Some of the cafes and bakeries open really early by 8 a.m., so a sumptuous French breakfast comprising of French Press and buttery croissants should be on your check-list.

7. Loose Traffic Rules :

It won’t come as a surprise to you if you see people not wearing helmets or jumping signals while the traffic police is standing innocently somewhere. People drive really rash and the pressure horns are quite annoying.

8. Non-existent Party Scene :

Unlike Goa, the party culture in Pondicherry is almost non-existent staying true to the fact that it is famous for its spiritual vibe. Most parts of the town shut down by 11pm.

9. Pondicherry Travel Tips On Adventure :

Yes, you can go scuba diving in the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry. There are a wide range of diving sites, and packages to choose from. They are open all around the year and the best part is that you don’t need to have any prior experience.

10. Relax & Chill :

Don’t make your itinerary very hectic. Leave some time to relax and explore. Sit and read in cafes or have a nice chat with the locals. 2-3 days is an ideal time to explore Pondicherry at its best.

Colonised by the French until not a while ago (1954), Pondy is synonymous with the “New meets Old” architecture found here. A delight for spiritual enthusiasts, this is the only city in India that is brimming with French meets English aesthetic.

So here were 10 Pondicherry Travel Tips which will help to make your trip smoother, hope this helped.

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