10 Surprising Things About Dreams You Did Not Know

It was rightly said by Steven Kloves that ‘In our dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own’. Dreams are the imaginations of our inner mind and the reality that we do not face during the day time. But dreams are still a mystery to all of us.

Here Are 10 Amazing Facts That You Never Knew About Dreams :


1. Tenure And Limit

Do you know that an average person spends about 6 years of their life dreaming? You will also find it interesting to learn that there’s a limit to how much you can remember your dream. We forget most of our dreams when we wake up.

90% of our dream is lost in just 10 minutes. But if a person wakes up during ‘rapid eye movement sleep’ then chances are more that the person will remember the dream.


2. Blind Dream :

It does not matter if you are blind or not. Dreams are there right after our birth. So people with no vision will also dream just like normal people.

People who are born blind uses their other senses to dream.


3. Lucid Dreaming :

Some people have this quality to manipulate and control their dreams. This gives them an advantage to turn and twist the dream. This is called lucid dreaming. It happens when the person dreaming is aware of it. Their conscious part of the brain remains active. It is during this stage one can also feel sensations just like reality. Sometimes sensations are so strong that they feel very real when you wake up.


4. Dreams For All :

There is no person in this world who does not dream. If you do not dream that means you do not remember them. Only people with psychological disorder may not dream.


5. Always Known Faces :

When we dream we only see known faces. There are thousand of people that we come across and in our dream we see their faces only, even if that person is a stranger and you saw them once on the road. It is absolutely impossible to keep track of all the people of our daily lives.

But you will never dream about someone you don’t know or have never seen anywhere.


6. Colors And Symbols :

Dreams are not always bright and colourful. Dreams are also of black and white. It depends on the person. If you grew up watching black and white television then you would probably see black and white dreams since we dream what we see the most. You might even come across strange symbolic dreams that could be terrifying or problematic and mysterious. But there is no need to worry as they are only symbolic expression of the dream.


7. Not Just Humans :

Animals are known to dream too. A dog, cat or wild animals- they all dream. It is a time when they enter their imaginative world.


8. Paralysis Effect :

While we are dreaming our body is temporarily paralysed which is why we cannot move physically. This may occur before or even after the dream. Have you ever noticed that you can’t move right after you woke up from a dream? It is due to the mechanism of our dream that makes us paralysed. It also happens during a nightmare. A nightmare is just our anxiety and depression that takes shape of horrifying images. There is nothing to worry if you see a nightmare and cannot move for some time after waking up.


9. Inventions In Dreams :

Though it is very common to forget most of the dreams, yet there are many spectacular inventions made taking ideas from dreams. Inventions that were born in dreams are the real proofs of that. Newton, Graham Bell and many poets wrote down their dreams immediately after waking up and and invented extraordinary things. Who knows maybe you can find inspiration from your dreams.


10. Precognitive Dreaming :

Future sighting and experiencing deja vu is rare but it happens. Many people experience deja vu in their dream and can relate it with real life circumstances. Many believe that precognition is also possible. These are called psychic dreams where a person experiences events that may happen in the future or has taken place before.

These dreams mostly involve our dearest relations as we are emotionally close to them. The rest happens with bits and pieces that we pick up every single day.

It is said that Abraham Lincoln had this sighting and he saw himself in his funeral. Before his assassination he told this to his wife.

Dreams are clouds of thoughts and ideas that give rise to inventions, unfolds mysteries and relive moments of past and future. Dreams gives us hope and inspiration. We all dream each night and each time we forget except a few glimpses that remains. Tonight when you sleep will you try to remember what you dream? Maybe you will unfold something someday.

So here were 10 surprising things about dreams you did not know, hope this article helped.

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