10 Things Every Traveller Should Know About Bali

Bali is a land of tropical wonders with tranquil blue-green waters and pristine beaches. An amazing trip to Bali includes some mesmerizing experiences that you will always cherish. But many of us end up in improper tour planning due to lack of ideas.

Here Are 10 Things About Bali You Need To Know Before You Travel :

1.  Currency And Card :

Indonesian currency is of very low value and you will feel like a king with a lot of money. Therefore never try to count your total cash after exchanging and not in front of any people as that is considered rude. Card payment is not a good idea as many places do not accept cards. But you will get ATM services everywhere.

2. Transportation :

Roaming in Bali and exploring the city is best done in taxi. It is the easiest and cheapest mode of transport. You can also opt for Bemos or the minibus and vans or pony carts. But metered taxis are very common.

3. Market Place :

Most of the locals eat at the Night Market which has a reputation of selling low quality foods, but you can get enough quantity in affordable rates. The foods are delicious too. Although if you are allergic to peanuts then be careful while eating. Most of the dishes have peanuts in them. Bali is also a great place for shoppers. You will find interesting curio, antique handicrafts, jewelry, stone carvings, masks and many more to fill your bag.

4. Bargain Tricks :

You are always welcome to bargain for any items you buy, but there are certain rules. You cannot push a seller out of his limit. And always put a smile on your face before you bargain. Walk away for some time and return to the same shop. If the seller is still not making any drop, be sure you will not get that in lower rate.

5. Hindu Offerings :

Though Bali is a primarily a Muslim country, you will find many hindu custom and rituals in the city. They offer almost anything from food to flowers and if you accidentally step on any such offerings you will not be punished in hell. So, there is nothing to worry about.

6.  Change In Food Culture :

Nowadays the western influence has changed the food scenario in many places in Bali. There are really great fresh vegetarian options available in restaurants. So, you can easily change your taste buds to vegetarian dishes from spicy non-vegetarian dishes. So it is not just fried foods. For people who love less spicy foods not find any difficulty to eat in Bali.

7. Consider Dates :


Since religion is a great factor in Bali, always make sure that your trip is not on some religious day. As many places remain closed during important events. Islands and shops are closed during religious occasions. Thus you will be have to postpone your visit and change the trip planning according to it.

The peak time to visit Bali is between January to April and October to November. But try to avoid the rainy season. During rainy season you will be surprised to find that everything is at a very cheap rate. The reason is one- the rain is a complete downer. You are likely to ruin your holiday as heavy downpour is common in Bali. Certainly you won’t love to stay in your hotel room? Before you plan for the trip make sure you learn a bit about the perfect timing, so that you don’t have to cancel anything.

8. Avoid Arak :

Arak is a very dangerous local liquor which you must avoid at any cost. If you want liquor, stick to beer only. And do buy them from good stores. Arak is literally a lethal drink that seriously harms internal organs.

9. Respect Rules And Customs :

Religion is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Bali. Hence never show disrespect to any ceremony or cultural customs. Don’t be aggressive if you see traffic jams due to some religious ceremony. And dress-code is another important thing that you must maintain. Many pubs and restaurants in Bali has particular dress-code. If you don’t abide by the rules then be sure to be embarrassed. When you visit a holy place make sure that you are wearing decent clothes.

10.  Price Issues :

Price is a major factor in Bali. If you want a luxurious getaway then Bali is really expensive. The prices for spa treatments, high end restaurants are almost similar to US and UK. So always search well for budget services or discount rates.

Bali provides a quiet and beautiful time on a tropical land where you can satisfy your mind and experience some of the best memories. From culture to luxury to nature, Bali is a complete source of fun and exciting moments.

So here were 10 things about Bali you must know for a smoother travel, hope this helped.

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