10 Maldives Travel Tips You Should Know

White sandy beaches and bluish green ocean are the scenic view that one finds in Maldives. It is a warm tropical region with coral reefs and wonderful marine creatures. You should know some Maldives Travel Tips before planning.

Here Are 10 Maldives Travel Tips Must Know Before Visiting Maldives :

1. Maldives Travel Tips On Climate :

Being a bit tropical region it has warm climate all the year round. It rains twice a year. The southwest monsoon wind brings rain in June and July. The from November to April it rains due to the northeast winds. The temperature is always more than 25°C and rarely falls below it.

2. Adventure and Adventure :

Any water sports you can think of, Maldives have it. Snorkeling, diving, visiting whale shark, kayaking, jet skiing, and many more. You can even arrange picnic on a private beach.


3. Island Records :

Almost 2000 small islands made up Maldives. There are many tiny islands that just below India and Sri Lanka. About 200 islands are inhabited by people. The local people carry out fishing and farming. The uninhabited islands are used for farming purposes. They are also reserved for picnic spots and romantic getaway. Surprisingly not all islands are naturally formed. There are some man-made islands too other than the naturally occurring islands due to volcanic activities. One such man-made island is Huhulmale, which is closest to the airport. It was created in 2004 and now it is a proper island in all respect. It has coastlines, shops, roads and houses.


4. Private Island Resorts :

There are many islands and one big feature of the islands is that they have private resorts. This actually means you can roam about a particular island and let your fantasy imaginations fly. These islands are small and you will easily come across same people. If you like to take a day trip for the entire vacation then the remote islands are the fabulous getaways. Exploring the surrounding area is truly a treat to the eye and mind.


5. Maldives Travel Tips On Healthy Food Options :

Most of the time we feel really afraid of overeating on our holidays. But in Maldives you won’t have to feel guilty of your food habits. Maldives is a region where healthy eating is the norm. You will not gain extra if you are eating in a Maldivian restaurants. Every food stuffs are less spicy and full of nutrients to nourish our health. The meals are mostly rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are made from fresh fishes. The dairy items are avoided mostly.


6. Walk Barefoot :

To be in Maldives means walk barefoot. It is an all new experience to walk on the pristine white sands that are soft and feels relaxing. And since most of the tourists spend time on water, so footwear is an unnecessary thing. Make sure you pack simple slippers and say no to fashionable shoes. They are just extra weights to carry. Maldives is a place to feel comfortable and basking in the late afternoon on the sea beach does not require a footwear.


7. Tax Issues :

Taxes in the country are very high and it can really punch a hole on your pocket. From star resorts to other service the taxes are the real problem. Since more than 80% items are imported to Maldives from abroad it is a costly area to live. All the products has 8% extra GST. All the resorts have nearly the same price and the food that you eat are made from all shipped ingredients. Thus you get fooding and lodging in such high rates.


8. No Pork :

Maldives is strictly a Muslim country. The majority of citizens are muslims and therefore their rules are really rigid. So you must not ask for Pork. You will never get an item made of pork. So don’t be surprised or never ever try to sneak it.


9. Marine Life :

If you plan to see the whale sharks and manta ray then know this that you may not be so lucky. These creatures are not always visible. So do not get your hopes up. There is no guarantee that you will see a whale shark. Your luck needs to be in your favour to see the beautiful manta ray and whale sharks.


10. Maldives Travel Tips On Rules on Dress & Alcohol :

Since Maldives is a Muslim country their rules are absolute. This includes dress-code and about alcohol too. This means cover up your knees, elbows, arms and shoulders. Say no to revealing dresses. Learn to like their culture and respect their rules. Public affection and consuming alcohol is something that people will not accept. Except the beach resorts you will not get any alcohol in the restaurants. It is against the religion. Make sure you to have it  in mind in order to avoid problems.

Maldives is a group of islands that can take your mind to some distant world that feels straight out of some fantasy world. The romanticism in the air along with the tropical beach surrounding is more than enough to make your journey amazing.

So here were 10 Maldives Travel Tips to keep in mind before you plan your trip.

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