10 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Egypt

Egypt is the land of legends, mysteries and tales of famous dynasties. Since ancient period this place has an extraordinary place in history. When we think of Egypt we think of Pharaohs, pyramids and exciting stories.

Here Are 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Egypt :

1. Accommodation Is Not As Expected :

If you are looking for all luxurious hotel and amenities then you will be repelled. Egypt has basic accommodation and even if you get hotels with stars, you will find a lot of difference in standards. So don’t go with high expectations. Many places are there where electricity and water facilities are poor. But one good thing is you will not be bankrupt if you stay in Egypt. Accommodation is pocket friendly.

2. Strict No To Tap Water :

You must get aware that pure drinking water is not easily available. The water standard is low. So never go for tap water. You will end up in stomach issues. The water is insufficiently filtered, therefore drinking causes many diseases. Buy bottled water always and use it even for brushing. Few regions are safe to use tap water for washing and brushing such as Cairo. But most places are not.

3. Insane Driving :

Most of the places in Egypt has no proper traffic rules and signals. Thus dangerous driving is common. Many drivers gives a damn to rules on the road. There are no speed limits and traffic lights. The roads are extremely busy and if you live by a street you will hardly relax in your room with all those horns. If you are hiring a tour guide then he will help you to cross the road, otherwise Egypt is very difficult and problematic when it comes to crossing. There is no crosswalk. But you need to trust and cross the road even if you see cars are moving fast. They will actually stop and you won’t get hit.

4. Hat, Sunscreen, Water :

This is a very important fact to understand that Egypt is really a very hot country. Heat strokes are common. People get seriously ill due to heat waves and dehydration. So, it is strictly advisable to carry water bottle with you. Always keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you carry sunscreen with broad spectrum for long protection. And wear hat if you don’t want your head to turn into an oven.

5. Religion and Culture :

Being a Muslim country Egypt has got some strict standards of dress-code and behaviour in the public. They are conservative and you need to respect this fact. Women must cover their legs and arms in public places. Try to get hold of their tradition. If you wear provocative dresses you will only draw unwanted attention. Therefore wear decent clothes. And it’s a good thing too considering it is a very hot country. Covered dresses will actually save you from tanning. But beachwear is okay when it comes to Dahab. But in a formal party wear proper dresses that are not revealing. Don’t think as it is against your will. It is about respecting the country.

6. Ramadan Rules :

Don’t ever expect to get your favourite alcohol in Egyptian shops during the month of Ramadan. It is a strict rule to remain abstained from alcohol during that period. But if you are lucky you will find some places where they serve it only for tourists.

7. Get Tour Guides :

Hiring a tour guide in Egypt will save you from unnecessary hassles. Egypt is a difficult country for independent travelers. It is a vast and diverse land. So if you have no experienced person with you, be sure to lose track of everything.

8. Trust Issue :

Always be very careful before trusting someone. There are many people who will talk with you and will extract money. Finding genuine people is hard, but you need to be careful enough in order to avoid such circumstances. Don’t talk to a person who mentions a single thing about money. Never start talking to a stranger.

9. Tipping Culture :

At any point of time and for unnecessary things too you need to pay tips. Tipping is really a serious thing in Egypt. From crossing the road with the help of a traffic police or the guy at the washroom, you will need to tip.

10. Negotiation Is A Must :

No matter what you hire, camel or horses or taxis, make sure you negotiate the fare. Before jumping up clear out of the fare includes the place you want to visit. The parking fees and how long will you go should be your first talk. This is necessary otherwise at the end of the ride you will be bankrupt for the fare. Scams are everywhere, so be careful with the ride you fix.

Egypt is not only about all the things from history and tradition. It is a place that treasures a lot of facts and important events. For a truly unique journey nothing could be better than Egypt.

So here were 10 things you should know before you travel to Egypt.

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