10 Things To Know Before You Travel To The Vatican City

If you are planning the next trip to Rome, you must not forget about the Vatican City. One of the amazing places with lots of historical treasures to share is the Vatican.

Here Are 10 Necessary Things That You Need To Know Before You Visit The Artistic Vatican City :

1. Get Your Guide :

You might be a good tour planner, but it is always advisable to get your trip properly managed by a reliable and expert tour operator. Why? Because the moment you land on the soil of Vatican you will regret not having a knowledgeable guide with you. The city has so many architectural sites to visit that you will get overwhelmed if not guided properly. You will get confused in the complex city area. So, do not trust that you will handle it on your own.

2. Queue Sickness :

Make sure you have your tickets pre-booked before you visit the Vatican museums. Or you will say a big ‘NO’ standing before the huge and probably the longest queue in the world. Planning your journey with a tour operator will save you though. But always check for the days when the Vatican City sites are over-crowded.

3. Fix Your Day :

Being a very popular site you can always expect great crowd in the Vatican City. So, make your sight-seeing part keeping in mind to encounter lots of tourists flow. Before you visit any architectural sites always check their official websites and book your tickets accordingly. The Vatican museum is closed on all the Sundays in a month except the last one. So, try to avoid that particular day from getting wrapped up in hundreds of tourists.

4. Proper Dress Code :

A strict ‘no-no’ for reveling dress. Always make sure that you cover your shoulders and knees before you visit the Vatican City. Ladies must forget about wearing low cuts, sleeveless and short length dresses. Men must look like proper gentleman and not some movie stars. Though you can afford to wear a bit summer wears on the street. But before you enter the Sistine Chapel and St. basilica you need to cover your bare shoulders and wear a long length costume.

5. Lighter Backpacks :

Your first mantra should be ‘travel light’ when going for the Vatican. The first problem is heavier bags need to be deposited in the cloakroom upon entering the various sites in the city. And most places do not allow snapping selfie. Make sure you get a list of all the things which are not allowed inside the Vatican City museums. This way you can avoid getting delayed by standing in the cloakroom.

6. Good Shoes Always :

Try to stick to your best sneakers if you wish to walk and explore all the historical sites in the best way. From galleries to church everything requires good amount of walk and if you are not wearing comfortable footwear you will suffer from blisters. Comfort footwear will also save you from getting tired.

7. Explore Small Things :

Vatican is not just a city of architectural wonders. There are lots of beautiful things that most people fail to appreciate and take time to see. Try to see the detailed beauty of the staircases, corridors, ceilings and other places. Who knows may be you will find some extraordinary artwork to cherish forever. Sometimes many small things carry a lot of outstanding portrayal. Explore the world in Vatican, the people and the life out there.

8. Take Your Time :

Do not rush! If you really want to discover and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the Vatican City then never assume that you have nothing to see other than the Sistine Chapel. Plan beforehand where to go and what to visit. Organise your time with a tour operator and save a lot of hassle. That way you will be able to see many places of interest in a pre-planned way.

9. Must See Basilica :

The St. Peter’s Basilica is another famous attraction in the Vatican City that cannot be missed. Pieta, the magnificent artwork of Michelangelo is the extraordinary sculpture that will leave a long-lasting impression on your heart. This church is the famous pilgrimage site and many catholic believers visit here from around the world. St. Peter’s Basilica has many stories to tell about the Roman Emperor Constantine. All you need to do is listening to the walls and the environment inside the church.

10.Perfect Souvenirs :

Vatican postal system and coins are different and very rare. And taking them back with you means storing precious parts of the holy city with you. You can get some great stamps and coins for your family and friends as souvenirs. You may also choose to buy crucifixes and books.

This holy city is a popular center for Christianity ruled by absolute monarchy. The Pope is the head of the country. But being a famous archaeological site Vatican City will leave you awestruck with the immense cultural and traditional resources. Imagine yourself in the smallest independent country in the world and relive the history and love every moment of your trip.


So here were 10 things every traveller must know before visiting Vatican City.

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