10 Things About Robert Downey Junior You Did Not Know

Who doesn’t know the name Robert Downey Junior? Yes, he is one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood who has won many awards for his outstanding performance. Don’t forget we all still love our Iron Man. But do you know he has many secrets.

Here Are The 10 Facts You Have Never Heard About Robert Downey Jr. (The Iron Man)

1. Winning Performer :

He was the first actor to be nominated for the Academy Award for the ‘Best Actor In A Leading Role’ category from the casts of Saturday Night Live in the year 1975. Many were nominated before him, but none in the lead role. So, this proves our hero was talented from the beginning. His first great acting school was showcased in Less Than Zero where he played the role of a cocaine addicted and fun-loving boy. There he co-starred with Andrew McCarthy. His whole career must have faced many rugged situations. But we know that he is finally a winner. He won our hearts through his maddening skills of serious acting as well as playing the role of action comedy.

2. Milestone Video : 

He took up a music video for the song ‘I want love’ by Elton John. At that time he was in the rehab, but just for the shoot of this video he was let out. The whole shot was taken in one continuous take at the Greystone Manor.

3. Never A School Boy :

When he was 17 he dropped his high school, moved to New York and started his acting career. But his initial life was struggling when he tried his hands on many activities from working at Central Falls restaurant to shoe store and even performing at a club.

4. His Dark Persona :

In the year 1996 he was arrested for speeding and drunk driving. It was the first report against him. It was during this time he was known to possess heroin and a pistol too. Though later he was granted probation period during which he had to take several drug testing and counseling.

5. Unforgettable Scandal :

Downey was arrested for the second time in the year 2000 on November 25th. There was report that he was carrying drugs and weapons with him. He was released later on $15,000. But he had to spend a night in the jail. It is said that once he in his intoxicated form got into his neighbor’s house thinking that it was his and slept there for the whole night.

6. Martial Arts Guy :

When he finally thought of kicking his drug addiction he took the art of Wing Chun in 2003. He was trained under Sifu Eric Oram, the famous person whose martial art contributed on Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie.

7. Addiction From Childhood :

One of the exciting facts about him is his addiction of drugs. You might think that just like most actors he had been a part of lots of Hollywood parties and experienced all the glittering things with his co-stars. But the truth is entirely different. He was first introduced with drugs by his Dad. Yes, you heard that correct! His father gave him the first experience at the age of 6. Later during the set of the movie Pound, Downey Junior was given the taste of ‘marijuana’ by his father. And that one casual experience rooted deeply in him.8.

8. Always Yes To Heels :

He always wears high heels on the set. Of course he is not the one among the tallest actors. His height is 5’8”, so he has to wear high heels. Many directors have made him to wear heels to match up with co-actors. One amazing thing is he had to practice a lot of walking session on the Iron Man set considering that he had to work with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans who are all taller than him.

9. Talent Of Dance :

Did you know that he possess a great talent of classical ballet? In England he has learned his lessons on the art of classical ballet. He also attended the famous Perry House School in 1977, where he couldn’t tolerate the high-end discipline and routine lifestyle. Thus he left the school after some years of spending his boring time. He also attended Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center and Santa Monica High School, but eventually dropped out for his career.

10. Passion for Comic Con :

Now a very personal part of his life says that he has a passion for Comic-Com. Maybe you think he likes to spend his holidays in some exotic beach or some lonely islands. But he wants himself to spend his time as a part of real Comic-Com. He prefers Comic-Com than any interesting place on earth.

In a nutshell it can be said that nothing is enough when you talk about this popular actor. He is no doubt a great performer with many talents. He has stolen our hearts being the ‘Iron Man’. All his achievements over the years are something to cherish for his fans.

So here were 10 things about the Iron Man every fan should know, hope this article helped.

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