10 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Okinawa

Okinawa is also known as the Okinawa Main Island. It is the most populated island region in Japan. Surrounded by Pacific Sea and East China Sea, this picturesque island has some extraordinary stories to share.

Here Are 10 Things That One Must Know Before Traveling To Okinawa, Japan :

1. Journey By Air Or Sea :

The main airport in Okinawa is at Naha, the capital area. If you are comfortable in air travel then there’s a lot of option to get regular service from many Asian airways. The region is well connected with airways, both national and international. But if you are happen to be a sea traveler then you can take regular ferry from either Kobe/Osaka to Naha. Just a word of caution, the ferry service can get delayed and disrupted when there is a typhoon.

2. Weather Tips :

The hottest months from July to October are really humid and uncomfortable when the temperature rises up to 32 degrees. Whereas, the winter temperature is mild and probably the best time to visit. Make sure that you avoid the season of frequent typhoons in the months of August and September.

3. Origin of People :

It is said that people in this region has settled 22,000 years ago. But the actual origin is still unknown. Many suggest that the population has come from Asia. Some says they have arrived from parts of China. Others suggest about Indonesia. The residents are however has developed a distinct culture and lifestyle.

4. Best Time To Visit :

If you hate crowd and love to explore a place without feeling wrapped in tourist flow then make sure you plan your trip in the winter months. Avoid April and May. During these two months most of Japan celebrates holidays and draws a huge crowd.

5. Staying Options :

You will find wide varieties of accommodation facilities in Okinawa. From budget hotels to luxurious resorts Okinawa offers great places to take rest. You will get all the modern amenities in the hotels and the staff is very welcoming. You can also opt for dorm rooms, hostels or homely guest houses. People who are on a tight budget can go for camping. It is thrilling and you will get organised, clean tents. Moreover the camp sites are located on the beautiful sandy beaches in the island which means you get to see amazing views.

6. Currency Information :

Be ready with sufficient Japanese yen as many places will say no to your cards. All the places do not accept credit cards. But the good thing is the region has many currency exchange service centers. Make sure you deposit your money and exchange it with yen. They accept US Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Australian Dollar, Hong kong Dollars and currencies of Taiwan, Korea, Britain.

7. Less English :

Get ready with your translation app or buy a language guide book before you step in Okinawa. Many youths are well versed nowadays in English, but mostly you will have to face embarrassment if you do not have anything to guide you. You will find very less places with English speaking people in Okinawa.

8. Mouth-Watering Delicacies :

Most of the people in Japan love sea-food. But in Okinawa people prefer meat over fish. And needless to say Okinawa has some delicious dishes to relish your taste-buds. Do not forget to taste the typical Okinawa dishes that are very different from your regular Japanese sushi. And if you are a pork lover then this place is going to be your favourite food joint.

9. Places To Explore :

From the ancient castles to the Cornerstone Peace Memorial this place boasts blend of culture, history and stories of battles and heroes. Staying in a yurt and having lunch in a tree-house can be real if you visit the Motobu peninsula. Spend some time in the local market places or take a walk in the dense Iriomote forest. Okinawa has much to offer to make your visit memorable. Or you can spend one evening listening to Okinawa’s music which is the perfect, balanced fusion of western music with traditional touch.

10. Dump Wastes Properly :

There’s a strict rule in Okinawa to throw trash in the correct place or you will be sorry. There are many disposal bins in the streets and other places. So, make it a habit to throw trash in the bins kept for that purpose and not litter on the street. Try to be a responsible tourist and support cleanliness. Always use the public cans that are kept in specific orders for food, plastics, and other junks.

Being Japan’s one of the most famous place Okinawa has always been a popular destination for the tourists. But do not expect a fast city life. You will enjoy the dreamy and cool surrounding around Okinawa. The laid-back motion of life is more than welcoming for a city dweller.

So here were 10 things you must know before you travel to Okinawa.

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