10 Tricks To Check The Loyalty Of Your Husband

Have you noticed something off since the last trip of your husband ? And now you wish to check if your husband is cheating or you wish to check husband loyalty. Well, maybe you are in a stage where your husband might be doing something that is downright not acceptable or worse and definitely problematic.

So Here Are 10 Tricks To Check The Loyalty Of Your Husband.

1. Wait For The Trap To Check Is Your Husband is Loyal or Not :


If you are a working women then cheating husbands get ample opportunity when you go out for work. It is therefore advisable that if you happen to have feelings that your husband might be cheating then create a trap for him in the right way.

Tell him that you have to go out for an office tour and will return after 2-3 days. But before you go fix a surveillance camera on your bedroom and other rooms. Try to give enough space to your husband to see if he is actually honest and committed to you in all true sense.

Most of the time cheating husbands take their affairs out a lot for dinner and shopping. And this way he leaves many signs of cheating. On the other hand if you can manage to stay out of your house just to observe what’s happening in your absence then that is a great way to catch him.

2. Husband Loyalty Test By Mobile :


We all have passwords to lock our cell phones, yet you have to plan out a fake call and ask for your husband’s phone to make the call. And take the opportunity to see his call logs and messages. The cell phones hold lots of information that is otherwise not possible to obtain. You can get a clear knowledge of he has planned any trip with his affair or asked her to stay while you are away.

3. Recording Information :


Get a small spy recorder and fix it around your husband’s driving seat. You can listen to it when you are alone. Or you can also put the GPS tracking device which are easily available and in portable sizes to stay hidden. But whatever you do make sure that you don’t get caught.

4. Track Social Profile :


Another very effective way is to get aware of your husband’s social media profiles. If you find him spending more time over Facebook, emails or any such services, chatting for long hours, then definitely you should get aware. It is advisable to monitor your husband’s profiles and you might have to be a little bad to do so. Any chat or posting that has a different hint should be your concern. But never go for asking him right away. Be patient and find out the actual truth.

5. Be Someone Else :


If you want to find how much your husband is committed on you then go ahead, create a fake profile on facebook and send friend request to your husband. Now here is a trick. There are some people who wish to expand their friend’s circles and accepts requests from anyone and your husband might be one of them. So don’t take him wrong if you see him accepting your request. But the problem starts if you see him showing unnecessary advances. You need to make a few moves to see his reactions. If he is a cheating husband then he will try to get closer to you.

6. Get a Friend’s Help :


Many times our good friends do help us when we need them. And if you can rely on your friends then ask them to inform you about your husband’s character. They can be really helpful. But do not go straight away to your husband’s friends. They can’t tell anything out of loyalty or because they simply don’t want to.

7. Simple Plan :


When you go out you can leave some paper crumbs in the middle of your bed and cover it with the bedsheet. Later when you come back home if you see any changes to that crumb be sure to suspect your husband.

8. Set A Girl :


If you can manage to set up a girl then that solves a lot of problems. That way you will know if your husband makes advances or not. Tell the girl to carry a tape recorder so that you can later use that as a proof.

9. Monitor Time :

You know how much time he generally spends in office and you also know the time he needs to drive back home. But if you see any unexplained journey time and that too frequently along with long office hour excuses that he has been feeding you, then be sure to check his moves. He might complain you about late hour’s working, but you can check the truth from other colleagues who are reliable that they will not disclose. Make a note of his usual office timings.

10. Bank Statement :


Husbands who cheat on their wives do frequent cash withdrawals. The bank statements can get you those details. If you see many mysterious withdrawals when he should be working, then it can unfold many truths. So please have a look at the bank statements and cross check them if possible.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship. Husband and wife make it perfect, but in order to do so mutual respect and trust is of utmost importance.

So here were 10 tips of testing the loyalty of your husband. Hope it helps you.

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