10 Amazing Facts About The Subconscious Brain

Have you ever thought of the subconscious mind ? Has it occurred to you that whatever we do is somehow linked with our subconscious state of mind ? Well, if you haven’t then let me tell you some amazing facts about this subconscious mind which will make you curious.

Here Are 10 Interesting Facts About The Subconscious Brain :

1. Controlling Factor :

Did you know your conscious mind does very little job? While it does only 5% of the hard work, the rest is done by our subconscious mind which is exactly 95%! Now you will think how is that even possible? It is this way that it is the only part that continues to work even when we are asleep. For voluntary and involuntary movements of our body subconscious status is always active controlling each and every system and its functions.

2. Fly With Dreams :

Yes, your dreams are the results of the interesting thoughts that accumulate inside your subconscious mind. And if you are quite adept at working out the meanings of your dreams you will find many hidden answers to many questions that couldn’t be solved otherwise. It is still a question of debate if dreams do have meanings. The truth is all about belief and practical experience. The dreams might carry your wildest imagination or even tragic incident if the past. And to think all this  happens inside the world subconscious status, is actually very intriguing. There are many theories of our dreams and its connection with our subconscious mind, yet it’s still a mystery to unfold.

3. Pool Of Emotions :

Talk about the feelings of love, affection, caring, hatred, anger, jealousy a different what not; they actually stay hidden in our subconscious mind. Whenever you come across some issues or conversation or situation your emotions come out and rule your heart. It is actually the source of our instincts that drives us on many circumstances.

4. Pattern Recognition :

Sounds totally like mind power? Well, actually our subconscious brain works in a certain way that catches up habits easily which are repeated. This is exactly like a pattern that works only if you maintain a certain rhythm to your work. When you keep on repeating one thing again and again, your subconscious mind will retain that part intact. This is how hypnosis is practised. And this technique is very useful in case of parapsychology. If you keep on repeating motivating words to yourself then it is actually going to help you win life’s battle.

5. Lacks Reasoning :

This is a bit downer because our subconscious mind captures everything and takes the literal meaning only. This is the only reason of feeling afraid of horror stories and movies. We know there’s nothing to be afraid yet we get scared and these baseless reactions occur due to the subconscious mind.

6. Storehouse Of Data :

When we say that our brain is the main reason we function properly we do not realise that the storing part is done by only subconscious mind. Whatever we pick up in a day, every little thing, is stored inside it. It might sound impossible, but this has been scientifically proved. And probably you will find it even more hard to believe that this subconscious part even stores all our information of our past lives, though this theory is still arguable. Since this part is always alert you must not feed any negative ideas or beliefs, because it will remain forever and will shape your life that way.

7. Instincts Wins :

Remember the time when your gut told you to run away from the place where a stranger was standing? Have you ever experienced a sudden feeling that something is not right? Actually those inner voices are nothing but the warnings that your subconscious mind sends you as a signal. Never distrust your inner voices. The truth is decisions are made right away inside before you face problems. Your subconscious mind only reveals that in the right time. It has the uncanny ability to work with extreme conditions of our instincts and feelings according to any unexpected changes or danger.

8. Very Practical :

Maybe you love to daydream or think about your future very often. Your subconscious mind though helps you to do that, it actually relates everything with present. This is the reason why we get back into reality focus on truth depending on the current situation.

9. No Language :

It cannot speak any language to express, so expressions are the only way. It works with our feelings and thoughts in order express words.


10. Relax And Easy :

If we keep ourselves relaxed and at ease then know this that our subconscious mind will work better. This is because it works the right way when we feel calm. Sleep time is perfect for our subconscious mind to stay active. And this is the reason that we find solutions to problems when we stay quiet and think in peace.

Subconscious mind is a complex and challenging part of our body that has the ability to shape our lives in positive and negative way. It can make profound changes to our motives, decisions and actions.

So here were 10 things about the subconscious human brain, hope this article helped to increase your understanding of the our brain.

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