10 Important Things About A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is like the moon in daylight. You know it’s there but cannot see it. If you love your partner then close contact is what you need. But circumstances may not be proper.

So Here Are 10 Things To Consider For A Long Distance Relationship :

1. Touch Is Essential :

One of the hurdles that comes in a long distance relationship is physical contact. Without living with your partner in same house means a lot. If you don’t feel their presence then it leaves a profound impact on our emotional balance. Moreover physical contact is very important in a married couple’s life. There is absolutely no denying of this fact. Say you wake up in the morning after having a sweet dream and don’t find your husband beside you to share it. Or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night after a nightmare. You feel completely low when you find your partner not beside you to comfort you. And the realization hits hard that you are alone and far away from your love.

2. Different Time Zones :

Are you actually living somewhere away from the same time zone that your partner share? If this is the case then you need to consider this fact that when you are away and you need to talk to your partner, he or she may not contact you. Time zones matter much. This means there’s a gap of many hours between two different places and time. So when you are awake the other person might actually be asleep.

3. Embracing Technology :

Communication is the basis of all relations. And in long distance relationship you need to be very much tech savvy to get in touch with your life partner. Video calling and chatting is the only way to keep up the communication. But not everyone is a tech savvy. Someday you will feel bad that instead of real contact you are depending on technology. This creates even more emotional disturbance. There are so many apps for couples you can try.

4. Work On Endings :

After some years of long distance relationship you will be in need of getting back to your partner and live happily. But here’s a problem as before executing this plan you need to seriously consider your profession and future prospects. Leaving your current work and going back to your home changes a lot of things and may arise difficulties too. When you finally want to be together you need a solid idea that will not create any complications.

5. Commitments With Trust :

In a long distance relationship you are supposed to be very much committed and loyal to your partner and vice versa. The trust part takes a bit time to build up. But if you are committed and loyal then the trust will come naturally. You need to trust your partner in the same way as they do. Keeping a long distance relationship is possible if honesty and trust is gained from both ends.

6. Importance Of Rules :

Many relationship states that they do well without any rules as such and many say that rules are essential. People in a long distance relationship need to focus on maintaining certain rules to carry out their relationship in the right manner. Rules do not mean getting caged, yet few limitations and boundaries should be there to work well with your long distance relationship.

7. Be Responsible :

Needless to say that one needs to show care and affection towards the other person in many ways when the physical contact is missing. This includes occassinal gifting and visits. But you need to remind that your presence cannot be compensated with any gifts, yet it’s a token of your love. Small things like wishing on birthdays and on special occasions is necessary no matter how busy you are. Even a small act expresses a lot.

8. Maintain Communication :

Don’t take it that chatting on Skype or any other way will wipe out the misunderstanding and anger. It’s not just sweet talk that you should expect. The other person might not be in a good mood and it could be a bad day for you too. Both ends should be calm and patient. You need to understand and try to avoid any issues related to your work while talking to your partner.

9. Calls For Sacrifices :

You and your partner need to make sacrifices to be together and to talk or keep your relationship alive. If you think that you will run your life the same way then you might lose the prospect of a healthy relationship with your partner.  If you slip your boring office party just to spend the evening chatting with your partner then that means a lot to the other person.

10. Strong Mind :

If you are depressed being away from your partner and spend a lot of time with friends who practically drag you to the pubs every night, then consider your friends. This is not the solution and you might get attracted towards an affair. So cultivate a strong mind and know this that the other person loves you.

Any relationship can be smooth and beautiful if you know in your heart that you trust yourself and the other person.

So here were 10 things you must know if you wish to have a healthy long distance relationship, hope this article helped you.

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