10 Things About Depression That One Should Know

Depression is a killer for your happiness and success. It affects our mind so deeply that sometimes we don’t want to see any hope that could change the scenario. There are many signs for being depressed that happens in our daily lives.

Let’s Discuss The 10 Things About Depression That You Should Know :

1. First Signs :

Sleeplessness or oversleeping is a factor that might be giving you signs of depression. Other than this loss of hunger, fatigue, mood swings, suicidal thoughts are the major signs that you must not avoid.

One of the recent research has shown that our frequent dreams or nightmares may be the result of depression. Because a depressed person dreams more than a normal person.

Recurring nightmares and jerking up from sleep is a serious concern. Dreams tire a person in the morning and leave a great impact on mind. Dreams or nightmares keep on coming to people who are emotionally a bit complex and extremely sensitive. Thus depression attacks these types of people very often.

2. Increased Aging :

Now this is a big problem of depression where a person ages faster. If a person constantly suffers from depression then his hormonal balance will not function properly causing them to age more and look old.

Depression leaves a lot of signs on our faces too. If you are happy and healthy then age will not be taking toll.

3. Online Mania :

Nowadays people are more hooked up with internet than human or natural contacts. Now we don’t spend much time visiting our friends or family. Rather we chat regularly online with them. This in turn causes major depression as people who are lonely or living away from home succumbs to internet for interaction and communication. But this feeling lonely and stress ultimately results in depression.

Moreover one should cultivate strong will to crack the shell and go out for fun. It is on us how we would work with our life. Even if you are lonely you must find some interesting things to do. Or take trip to any nearby places. The world of online will only cause more harm than good.

4. Gender Variation :

Studies proved that women are more at risk of frequent depression than men. And this is because of the complex hormonal changes in a woman. From menstrual cycle to pregnancy and childbirth everything causes depression in a woman. But the good part is they lack suicidal thoughts comparatively.

On the other hand men are more at suicidal risks. And they attempt suicide as a result of depression. This in turn make them go for drugs, alcohol and working overtime.

5. Depression Within Comedy :

Do you know that people who are generally funny and are comedians are actually always depressed? Various psychological researches has proved that the most depressed people are found among the comedians. We can never forget the tragic incident of suicide committed by Robin Williams. It is a lesson to us to know that people who laugh for others are not always happy and may be suffering from severe depression.

6. Placebo Effect :

Surprisingly placebo is an effective drug that is used by psychologists to treat immediate depression. It acts as an antidepressant and patients are known to have recovered faster than other medications. Though placebo has no active medicinal composition yet it is used in many cases. This benefits emotional balance and induces belief of improvement.

7. Depressed Ice :

Iceland is the most depressed country in the world! It is said because most of the antidepressant are used in that country in a great rate comparing to all the other places. This could happen because there’s no other way of treatment to depression such as psychotherapy and colour therapy or others.

8. Cocaine For Sadness :

It’s hard to believe but cocaine is an antidepressant that was earlier used to treat chronic sadness in the 19th century. Adding cocaine made the saddest people happy and lively. Even the famous psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud has claimed this that cocaine has the potentiality to deal with depression.

9. Global Disability :

According to WHO depression is the second global disability after back pain. And this depression comes from all types of cancers, strokes, heart diseases and diabetes. People who are generally suffering from more than one diseases are likely to suffer from depression.

10. Yoga Mind :

We know that exercise keeps us healthy and fit for longer, but it is also a lifesaver for depressed people. Especially yoga that works with our body and mind providing positive vibes. Various yogic postures are known to keep our depressing corners of the mind calm.

Breathing exercises and stretches are excellent options for people who are generally always feeling low. Meditation on the other hand is a great way to prevent depression.

Every day in the morning one more must do yoga for about 20-30 minutes in a peaceful environment. This way our body will remain fit and if we are free from diseases, depression will never come.

Think of a healthy life and kick off depression to embrace love and happiness. Life is a gift to cherish.

So here were 10 things about depression you must know.

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