10 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Peru


“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.” This is what we all try to find when we start journey towards the unknown and explore its beauty. One such rare beauty full of incredible facts is Peru. From the mysterious Inca ruins to the small, picture-perfect towns and villages, everything feels like straight from some ancient mythical world. Not just for historical facts, Peru offers impressive natural surroundings which attract tourists from all over the world.

One of the off-beat destinations in South America is Peru, bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the west and has close proximity from Bolivia and Brazil. Thus the physical features, accessibility, climate and diverse influence of ancient civilizations have successfully popularized Peru.

So, If You Are Planning To Spend Some Exciting Moments Of Your Life In Peru Then You Need To Know The Following 10 Things :

1. Explore Lima :


Most of us rush for Cuzco to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu city, but Lima is a truly nice place to stop by. One can enjoy tranquil night views or roam about the stunning museums to collect many interesting information.

2. The Inca Trail :


If you are adventure seeker, then obviously the Inca trail is the most awaited route for you. But it is advisable not to take the hiking route for granted. Even with the most suitable gear and guide the Inca track is very challenging and one needs to be active and fit to reach Machu Picchu. The high altitude and rugged terrain will make you really exhausted while you journey towards this ancient land. So, prepare your body and mind beforehand.

3. Peruvian Climate :


The region experiences mostly dry season form season from April to October. You can expect rain for the rest of the months. And when you say rain, it really does rain much there. So, the choice is the dry season for the tourists to visit Peru. During the peak season one can expect high rates of the hotels, and much crowd too.

4. Suitable Clothing :


If you are heading for the coastal areas than pack light clothing and for the other time of the year prefer trousers, jeans, and jumper and so on. Try to carry a rain coat or rain suit during the rainy season and for the winter time warm clothes are must. For people who are visiting solely for adventure trails to Machu Picchu they must keep comfortable clothes and shoes.

5. Rash Drivers :


Yes, you heard right! South America has a reputation of having fearless drivers who drives like maniac. But the best part is you will reach your destination easily and in short time. The drivers are very well skilled. So, all you need to be afraid of getting painful and shaken body after the ride.

6. Authentic Dishes :


If you are halting in Lima even for a short span of time, you must taste some of the delectable foods of Latin America. Here are some of the foods that will surely make you lick.

  • Ceviche– it is made of raw slice of fish marinated in a citrus juice and some other hot spices.
  • Causa– this is a dish prepared with potatoes, avocados and is served cold.
  • Cuy– the meat of a guinea pig is barbequed and served with the head attached.

7. Cash, No Cards :


One of the most important aspects that a traveler must keep in mind is to bring enough cash with them. Peru is still a developing country and most parts do not accept cards. Thus to save yourself from embarrassment in shops and restaurants carry cash or you will not be able to enjoy the real Peruvian culture. So before you go to Peru make sure you transfer your plastic money to the paper one.

8. Book Beforehand :


Peru trip can be really haphazard if you do not book your hotels before you go. Also if you are planning for Machu Picchu then always try to get your train tickets from Ollantaytambo and Urubambo because they sell in very high rates during peak season. It is advisable to consult reliable travel operators in that matter.

9. Unusual Cocoa Drink :


Do you know that soaked cocoa leaves are generally used to make a drink that delivers instant energy similar to that of having coffee? The active ingredients in the leaves are a great source of stress buster when you are likely to encounter altitude sickness. For hikers this drink is a substitute for hunger and fatigue on their journey to Inca trail.

10. Little Precautions :


Cut on alcohol and switch to drink enough water. Peru’s climate can have great effect on your health making you dehydrated. You will easily lose energy. Always carry bottles of pure drinking water with you. And bring broad spectrum sunblock with you to avoid getting tanned from the strong sunrays at Machu Picchu.

For a truly stunning experience in the lap of old world beauty blended with the dreamy stories of rich culture and history; Peru gives a fascinating experience to cherish forever in your heart.

So here were 10 things about Peru every traveller must know.

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