10 Things Every Traveller Should Know About Australia

Being in a nation where colours of life and fantastic features of mother nature welcomes you with warm hands, means to find solace and live your life there. This happens truly when you visit Australia, the smallest and incredible continent of the world. In order to experience a great Australian time, find out the things that you should know beforehand.

Here Are 10 Such Things You Need To Know Before You Travel to Australia :

1. History and Culture :

In the past the British settlers treated very badly with the original inhabitants of the people. Children were taken and aborigines suffered badly. The imperial rule destroyed the peace and now most of the population are actually British. It is of utmost importance that we pay respect and show love towards the aborigines and try to develop their community. The culture of Australia is very diverse and their tradition is still evident among the people. Since the British colonial period Australia has seen a diverse national culture which was purely influenced by the immigrants from other parts of the world.

2. Middle Of Nowhere :

Most of the middle parts of Australia is barren without any trace of habitable zone. They are dry and warm regions. If you happen to travel through those regions then make sure you carry water bottles, scarves and sunscreen with you. Also hire a reliable car to travel as Australia has very long distance areas that can get really tough to travel if you are not appropriately prepared. Before you start your journey plan your trip properly.

3. High Price Tags :

Prices of commodities can be really high if you are feeling to shop in Australia. You can get budget hotels and cheap restaurants, but expecting low rates in big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne will leave you heart-broken. But if you are looking to stay in camps which are in abundant in Australia then you can easily save a lot of money. Also plan on buying food stuffs from supermarkets that can get cheap sometimes.

4. Countryside Beauty :

Of course there are wonderful locations and man-made wonders to visit in Australia such as Opera House, Art galleries, and other city life features. But if you want to explore Australia in its true sense then jump into Tasmania and experience the natural beauty of the region. The small towns and villages are the treats for people with eyes for soothing beauty and not any artificial things. Countless virgin beaches, breathtaking views of the sunset and spectacular views of the gorges will surely swoon you. And cities are nowhere near to the beauties of these places.

5. Road Trip Exploration :

You know you have to explore the inner Australia, but how? Well, that can be arranged if you opt for road trip. Nothing could be better than a car which is pocket-friendly and can take you anywhere. For a truly unforgettable journey live like a wild bird, moving from one place to another and gather experience to cherish forever.

6. Deadly Creatures :

Australia means lots of incredible and dangerous animals. So you have to be very careful. Although people getting killed due to an animal attack is rare in Australia. The islands have many poisonous creatures such as deadly snakes, spiders and box jellyfishes. Yet people do visit these islands for the fun of adventures and survive without a harm.  But one word of caution is not to play any sort of pricks on any creatures, specially snakes if you want to stay unharmed.

7. Food Culture :

Australian food culture is diverse owing to the influence of all the immigrants. Since the second world war the food saw a drastic change and it was influenced by Germans, Italian, Lebanese and South-east Asian food styles. People mostly use olive and vegetable oils. Spices used in Asian countries are much in use. You will find fusion cuisine which is the signature food style in Australia. The cooking style is the perfect blend of European traditions with Asian flavours and ingredients mostly. One important fact of Australia is that the country is the leading in fast-food consumptions. Foods such as burgers, pizzas and other forms of fast foods are very famous. And you will also notice that the majority of population are inclined on drinking tea.

8. Climate Facts :

Think of only summer months, bright, sunny weather and all things spring, well then you will be disappointed. Many places experience chilly weather during winter months. Specially Melbourne is very unpredictable when it comes to weather. Sydney is warm, but it rains for the whole month of March.

9. Typical Language :

Australian accent can be very difficult if you are a new traveler. If you are a native english speaker or someone with good english skills can manage easily. But their style of speaking can be really difficult to understand sometimes.

10. Rules on Alcohol :

You cannot easily buy your bottle from a store unless it is specified for only liquors. The nightclubs and pubs also have strict rules. So, make sure you respect the rules and then catch your drink.

Nevertheless, Australia is a dream continent like a pearl in the middle of the ocean offering its unique beauty to us.

So here were 10 things about Australia you must know before you plan your trip.

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