10 Ayahuasca Tips That You Should Know


Have you ever imagined yourself in a hallucination where you experience incredible feelings ? A dark brown liquid and a ceremony where incantations that enlighten you, is something worth a try once in your life. This is ‘Ayahuasca’, the procedure to induce serious hallucination with the help of a special syrup. You must go through some Ayahuasca Tips before trying it.

Here Are 10 Ayahuasca Tips that you must know before you take it.

1. Ayahuasca Tips On Faith :

The syrup is made with a special Amazonian vine called banisteriopsis caapi and is known to have large usage in spiritual and healing purposes. But before you consider about Ayahuasca you need to get really ready for the whole ordeal.

It requires a leap of faith and sometimes it calls you like a magnet. Even after throwing up if you are wanting to taste that liquid again and again then know this, ayahuasca is calling you. Only one thing, it is not for the faint hearted people.

2. Ayahuasca Tips On Experiencing The Ceremony :

Everything is in the ambience and the atmosphere around you that can really take you to the outstanding world of deep hallucinations. The ritual and the customs related to the ceremony create an awestruck experience from the first moment. It includes a blanket, a yoga mat, a bucket where you will puke and some pick-me-up stuffs but the real trick is the Shamanic chanting and the silent surrounding.

3.Ayahuasca Tips Checking Your Shamans :

First and foremost, thing is to get good knowledge on your Shamans who are literally your guide throughout the ceremony. But in many places it has been heard that fake people in order to run scams in the name of ayahuasca, so make sure you research your shamans before you plan to take a sip. Without a shaman’s guidance things can turn seriously wrong. You don’t want to waste your precious time on some fake shaman, rather experience the real thing without a hassle.

4. Get A Purpose :

As ayahuasca is known to cure many ailments which formal medicines and treatments cannot cure, so, before beginning ask yourself for the true intentions for an ayahuasca session. It could be chronic depression or any other difficult physical ailments. Shamans believe that if you know your intentions then it helps to set the right goals.

5. DMT Fact :

This special concoction is brewed by combining vines and leaves and the main ingredient is the chacruna that contains higher amount of DMT or dimethyltryptamine. This DMT is actually capable of inducing strong hallucinations which causes a visual dream state. It can change the conscious level of a person and is highly addictive.

6. Alternative To Therapy:

Ailments related to brain such as PTSD, OCD, anxiety and other forms of mental disabilities can be cured if patients are treated with self-esteem, self-realisation and getting rid of negative thoughts. As ayahuasca contains DMT as it’s active ingredient it actually acts as a great substance that calms these types of psychological problems. So, if you are planning to start a therapy that takes years  of time, consider trying ayahuasca for once and see the change for yourself.

7. Absolutely Unpleasant :

No matter how much you feel relieved or great after a ayahuasca session there is nothing good in vomiting greatly and experiencing sparks shooting back and forth between your eyes and brain. And more than anything the liquid tastes really bitter and disgusting.

8.Ayahuasca Tips On Feeling The Music :

There is a specific type of music that continues while the ceremony is going on. And admittedly the music is not at all soothing. Yet it is important that the music keeps on going along with the chanting, because that is the main part of the ritual. This way you can experience the psychedelic effects. This has the ability to take you to another dimension in hallucinations.

9.Ayahuasca Tips On Strict Diet :

Start with gluten-free, vegan diet and learn to forget about alcohol and smoking. There are specific rules that your Shaman will tell you to follow. And you need to follow it exactly including your diet routine. So, you will need to say goodbye to all the junks you have ingested so far. Of course you will experience purging after drinking ayahuasca and puking again and again.

10.Ayahuasca Tips On Risk Management :

Ayahuasca involves the risk of losing life if it does not go well. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure which can be fatal in some cases. The state of hallucination remains up to six hours on an average. Every single person experiences it differently. Most of the time people are delighted after the trip, but it’s still a big question if this whole process is really helpful or not.

There are many places in the States where you can take your sip and you don’t have to go Peru for that. So, maybe one experience in a lifetime can be taken if you are brave enough.

So here were 10 Ayahuasca Tips you must know before you tray ayahuasca, hope this helps you.

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