10 Things You Must Know To Live A Happy Life

There goes the wonderful quote by Marcus Aurelius, “Very little is needed to make a happy life , it is all within yourself”, in your way of thinking. Many of us do not have this privilege to become happy, but to live happily we need to change our outlook.

Here Are The 10 Things You Should Know To Live A Happy Life :


1. Know Yourself From Inside :

First and foremost learn yourself that who you are and what’s your center. No one can define you except you yourself. And this is a major reason to become a someone happy, because you already know your thoughts, expectations and goals. You need to make a difference only by setting your own standards and not by following anyone else. Learn to be yourself and gain happiness in each thing you do. Love every moment and be contented for what is offered to you. Your life is a gift and you need to be thankful for it.


2. Wash Away Negativity :

If we think low, bad and become hopeless always then we will only get worse. Negative thoughts are the destructive factors affecting happy life. You need to wash them away and embrace whatever happy memories you get. Negative thoughts root deeper in our brain and cultivate hopeless mind. It is very crucial to get rid of these thoughts and welcome positive vibes. Sometimes you will come across many people in life who are dragging you to think bad. You should immediately stop seeing them as they only crumble our hope.


3. Get A Solid Passion :

Be sure that your passion is not something along the line of violence and criminal acts so that you can really stand up for your passion. It is after all your passion and no one has to say anything about it. Our passion makes our life prosper in more than one ways. If you cannot express your passion and cultivate that then you will not be able to live happily. Be it your career or your hobby, your passion must reflect it.


4. Respect Your Values :

Many of us tend to disrespect our moral values and follow others compromising their own ethics. This is absolutely not acceptable if you are looking to be happy in your life. A person who lacks self confidence and can bend their morals for others will never become happy. Because they are ruining their character and in turn ruining their life’s meaning.


5. Find Time For Yourself :

At least every week for once you need to give time to yourself and find something to do that makes you happy. Maybe it is listening to music in a quiet room or strolling down the alley near your house on a moonlit night. You need to pamper yourself sometimes to feel really happy from within. This does not mean you are being selfish. This means you are motivating yourself for a new day ahead.


6. Speak Your Heart :

When you hate something say it; when you love somebody speak it. This is the best resolution to express your feelings in the right way. If you cannot speak what’s on your mind you will regret at some point of time. Love, hatred, anger- everything needs to come out or we will only burden our hearts. When you express fully you will feel relieved and relaxed. This is vital to gain happiness.


7. Trust Your Beliefs :

Your beliefs are very important to keep your hopes up. And if your hopes are up there is no need to feel low. You do not need to feel sorry for your beliefs. If your beliefs are not harmful for others then never let go of them.


8. Never Compare :

Comparison is a terrible mistake that at some point we tend to do. You are what you are. There is no change to it. So why would you compare? No good will happen to you if you continue to see good in others and bad in yourself. Try to love what you have or else you will ever be satisfied. Comparing with others will not fetch you happiness; rather increase frustration.


9. Healthy Lifestyle :

Our body is the most precious gift we could ever have. Yet we do not follow to keep it healthy. Eat proper and exercise regularly should be our mantra in order to stay fit. Only a healthy body will fetch you peaceful and happy mind. Make a lifestyle statement and follow certain rules to maintain your health.


10. Change Perspective :

Whenever you feel low that you have no way to live better, think about them who do not even possess your fortune. There are hundreds of people who lead miserable lives than yours, but they have no scope to complain. If you put your life in other’s perspectives you will definitely know that you are better than others.


Being happy is just a word. What’s more important is to believe that you can be happy if you try to make your life so. Happiness is a feeling that comes from our heart. So let your heart feel good.

So here were 10 things you must know for living a happy life, hope this helps you in your quest to find happiness.


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