10 Things About Wine You Did Not Know

First made by human almost 10,000 years, possibly somewhere in Iran, it is assumed that the drink got fermented accidentally. Native yeasts came in contact with grapes stored in containers, turning it into alcohol. That’s how the first wine came into existence.

While we all know where it came from, there’s lot more to this alcoholic beverage. Staying true to a popular Latin saying, “In vino veritas”(In wine lies the truth),we share few secrets about this old and complex drink that will make you inch closer to becoming a wine connoisseur.

So go #winewednesday

Here Are 10 Things About Wine You Did Not Know :

1. Red Versus White :

The difference between red and white wine is that the former is made from grapes fermented with their skins on while in the latter case, the grape skin is removed hence making red wine more rich in anti-oxidants than the white one.


2. More Than Just The Grapes :

There many other substances that are added to wine to make it last longer, the most prominent being sulphites that are added to protect it from oxidation or unwanted microbial growth and prevent it from turning into vinegar. Just as a word of cautions, sulphites can cause allergic reactions like sneezing and headaches, but that’s not the case with everybody.


3. Have It With Food :

The combination of wine and food is one-of-it’s-kind. So sip your glass of wine with your meal a la The Last Supper. The antioxidants in wine help in your heart health, prevent cancer and make you live longer. All the more reasons to have a glass of wine.


4. Wine Names Come From Their Locations & Grape Varieties:

While European wines are named after their origin, Non-European wines get the name of the grape they came from. For example, the Bordeaux wine is produced in the Bordeaux region of France while Cabernet Sauvignon is from California but named after the grape variety Cabernet.

5. Best Wines In The World:

Although Italy is the number 1 wine producer in the world, it only stands at number 4 when it comes to largest consumption, being led behind by France & Portugal.


6. The ‘Sommelier’ :

It is  always a good thing to learn from your wine waiter( the Sommelier) as he is assisting you. Complex is a wine that unravels different flavours as you sip it. Crisp is fresh but acidic wine. Dense has a concentrated flavour and aroma. Elegant means light and well-balanced. Flamboyant means fruity. Opulent means rich and bold.


7. Why “Cheers”? :

The whole thing of clinking glasses and saying “cheers” comes from ancient Roman times to prevent being poisoned since it results in one drink spilling over the other glass.

8. Dumb & Numb wine :

Dumb wine is one that lacks a specific odour but may develop a pleasant odour in the future while a numb wine has no odour and no potential of developing one in the future.

9. The Colour Tells The Origin :

Looking at a glass of wine, one can tell the region and climate of the grapes it came from. Darker shades of wines/reds and yellow whites come from warmer climates while lighter tints come from cooler climates.


10. Wine Doesn’t Make You Fat:


According to popular notions, although beer makes you fat but wine does not affect your waist at all but instead helps you in preventing obesity. So a glass of wine should be on your diet plan if you wish to shed those kilos faster!

And also…

Smaller Glass for the Expensive One : When it comes to wine, smaller glasses work best for the vintage of wines. So the older it gets, the smaller the glass size so that the odour doesn’t get lost in a bigger one.

The fear of wine : There are people who are afraid of wine or even hate wine and they are said to be Oenophobic.

So here were 10 things about wine you must know if you love your wine.


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